NYC Is Letting Crime Surge on Purpose


New York City subways aren’t safe, but we do now have 1,000 National Guard and State Police to help out local police. Mayor Adams and the other progressives say it’s only the perception of crime increasing, and while some do exaggerate the crime problems, it’s a lot more than perception, or we wouldn’t have 1,000 military and State Police in the subway.

The DA won’t prosecute nearly half of the serious crimes brought to him, and shoplifting, assaults, home invasions, and drug dealing aren’t crimes to him.

Cash Jordan gives a balanced view.

“In the mayor’s defense, crime today,” Cash says, “is not what it was when he was a police officer on the streets. But even though people in the Dark Ages were ahead of those from the Stone Age, they were not exactly living at the height of the Roman Empire, which preceded them.

“And that’s got people saying that even though crime is technically better than it used to be, it’s still not where it was just a few years prior to where we are today, and apparently in the 1990s, when crime here was worse than it is today.

“Your average Joe on the street perceived the city to be safer than people perceive it to be today. Now, that could mean one of two things. Either it means that the generation preceding mine, which is scared to death right now, was a stronger, much more vibrant generation with soul and grit who understood true pain, or it means that without the ability to rapidly disseminate information across the Internet, that everybody can get in their pocket pretty much immediately. People’s stories never got out, and that brings up a big question.

“What’s more dangerous? Information about crime or actual crime that’s being committed that affects real people, and not everyone buys the whole sensationalization argument about crime and TikTok-style videos.”


Cash Jordan explains that assaults and felony assaults without a weapon are not being reported properly. They have been going up for years. Only 42% of violent assaults are being reported.

Murders are down. Now, criminals left on the streets are the ones who might steal or beat you to a pulp.

Another serious problem is the catch and release of criminals. That number is going up. More and more repeat offenders are on the streets within hours of committing a crime.

One study shows that 5% of the criminals commit 50% of the crimes.

Trying to change bail reform will be very difficult. The Progressives [Commies] of New York think reform is not the cause. They believe that more bail reform is needed to uplift everyone. Once uplifted, they would all do much better.


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