Pro-Hamas ‘Peaceful’ Protesters Beat Native Americans Bloody


The pro-Hamas radicals at UCLA beat up the Native Americans at a ‘mostly peaceful’ rally. The Native Americans wouldn’t go along with the narrative that Hamas laid out.

From day one, the Hamas-Palestine agitators have pretended they are just like Native Americans. They lured Indians into their groups. However, like all fascist groups, they can turn on a dime and reject all dissent.

The Left is pushing a false equivalence, which they also do with black people and every other minority, to demonize whites.

If natives challenge the Palestine-Native American equivalence, they will get viciously attacked by the Left. TikTokkers like to use the famous fake shrinking Palestine land map that doesn’t coincide with history to make the comparison.

Jewish people are pushed out of country after country, and so are Christians and every other non-Muslim. They all bear the shrinking map reality.

A Jewish Native American woman posted that she was attacked by anti-Israel protesters at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) on Thursday night after holding a sign reading, “Hamas supporters are not welcome on native land.”

“Last night I was violently assaulted by @UCLA ‘pro-Palestine’ students,” wrote Dawn on Instagram, posting a video showing the protesters attacking her and other pro-Israel protesters.

“I was quickly surrounded by a mob @UCLA students and EVEN @ucla faculty as a form of intimidation. Where I continued to maintain my peaceful presence & protest. The violence on American campuses is UNACCEPTABLE. The lack of police intervention is UNACCEPTABLE. NON-indigenous people TARGETING and ATTACKING an Indigenous woman while you claim to be supporting an ‘indigenous liberation movement’ is UNACCEPTABLE,” wrote Dawn.

In this clip, the pro-Hamas group is beating the Native Americans who held up signs saying, Hamas Supporters Aren’t Welcome on Native Lands. They were attacked on UCLA’s “liberated land.”

According to the bible, Abraham’s forefathers were from southern Mesopotamia (present-day Iraq). God then led Abraham on a journey to the land of Canaan, which he promised to Abraham’s children. Today, Canaan encompasses Israel, the West Bank, Gaza, Jordan, and southern portions of Syria and Lebanon.

The most important yet often overlooked point is the claim Israelites have to the land because of God’s covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

And for those who do not believe in God, one can look at history, which shows this land was never the land of the Palestinians as follows.
Before Israel was formed in 1948, the land existed under the British Mandate period of 1917. It was not for Palestinians.

Going back to the Ottoman Empire period, which began in 1517 and what preceded it —

Before that period was the:
  • Non-Arab Mameluke Empire of Egypt starting in 1250.
  • Ayyubids Dynasty was an Arab-Kurdish Empire that started in 1187.
  • Christian Crusaders ruled Israel starting in 1099.
  • B Islamic Early Arab conquering of 638.
  • Byzantine Empire of 324 A.D.
  • Roman Empire of 63 B.C.
  • Hasmonean Empire of 167.
  • Hellenistic Empire of 332.
  • Persian Empire of 586.
  • Theocracy of the 12 tribes of Israel is known as the Israelite Period of 1004.
  • The Rule of Judges of 1150.Canaanite Empire of 3500.
  • Chalcolithic (Copper Age) Period of 5800.Stone Age Period of all times prior, and again, like all those other times above, not for Palestinians.
And for those who want to learn more history related to hatred for the Jews and Palestine…

In the year 132 A.D., the Roman Emperor Hadrian resolved to wipe the Jewish people and their religion out. Hadrian sold Jewish prisoners into slavery after the revolt of Bar Kikhba. He forbade the teaching of the Torah, renamed the province of Judea (Israel today) to Syria Palaestina, and changed Jerusalem’s name to Aelia Capitolina to honor himself. He renamed both Jerusalem and Israel to wipe out the national identity of the Jews.



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