NYC Jury Finds Trump Touched E Jean Carroll and Defamed Her, But No Rape


E. Jean Carroll, who has called rape “exciting,” “playful,” “sexy,” “charming,” and a “fantasy,” lost on the sexual assault claim in court today. However, the jury did award her $5 million for defamation and battery (he allegedly forcibly touched her). No proof was presented.

Mr. Trump will appeal the verdict.

Democrats changed the statute of limitations law so she could sue Donald Trump for rape.

Twenty-seven years or so after the fact, he’s ordered to pay up with no evidence. E. Jean didn’t even know what year this alleged incident occurred. He couldn’t defend himself because she didn’t even give him a date. Donald Trump had to prove he was innocent, which is not how this is supposed to work.

She accused him of a despicable crime, which he says he did not commit, and he can’t criticize her?

New York City courts are a disgrace. Do not get caught up in them ever. The trial was funded by the Linked-In co-founder, a mega Democrat donor, Reid Hoffman.

Watch her interview with Anderson Cooper and share your thoughts of her mental state.

Nigel Farage said the US has corrupted and politicized the American common law system. There is no doubt of that.

New: The judge presiding over Trump’s criminal case has ordered Joe Tacopina to turn over his communications with Stormy Daniels and disclose what information from Daniels he has shared with Trump.

Democrats have destroyed Attorney-Client Privilege for political opponents.

Donald Trump responded on TruthSocial:

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