NYC Mayor Outlaws Height & Weight Discrimination for “Health Justice”


There is nothing the Left won’t control and criminalize if they can. Mayor Adams – whose city is flooded with unvetted illegal aliens and criminals are on the loose – set his priorities today. He outlawed weight and height discrimination.

Promoting unhealthy heavy people isn’t a good idea. The heavy woman in the first clip said New York is a “global city.” Who knew? I thought it was one of the united States.

The sometimes chubby Mayor said, “Body type is not a connection to whether you’re healthy or unhealthy.” That is simply untrue. When Mama Cass died, her heart was primarily eaten away by fat. That same thing happened to one of my relatives.

“I’m a person that believes in health, so when you talk about not discriminating against someone because of their body type, it’s not fighting against obesity; it’s just being fair,” Adams said.

“So I think this is the right thing to do,” he continued. “We’re going to continue to talk about our progressive health agenda. Science has shown body type is not a connection to if you’re healthy or unhealthy, and I think that’s a misnomer we are really dispelling.”

Lawyers will love this, and it will become very expensive.

The city’s Commission on Human Rights will investigate weight and height complaints, adding to its more than two dozen other areas of examinations, including race, gender, and age.

It’s a new progressive, aka Woke agenda item – health justice. No more “fatphobia,” eat that gallon of ice cream now, baby.

I now believe the Wokes are trying to kill us and reduce the population!

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