NYC mayoral hopeful, Maya Wiley, to take $1 billion a year from police


As the New York City crime wave grows with people shot and dying, often in minority areas, most, but not all, of the candidates for mayor, want to abolish the police. One of the candidates, Maya Wiley, wants to cut $1 billion a year from the police.

Yet, this hypocrite extraordinaire pays for private security on her block in upscale Prospect Park South. In fact, a neighbor recounted Wiley’s demands for more aggressive NYPD policing after her partner was mugged.

Wiley says gun violence has roughly doubled in New York City in this most unusual year — as “a public health crisis built on the failure to address racial equality” and interrelated with the coronavirus public health crisis and its economic impact on Black and Latino New Yorkers in particular.

Only it’s not gun violence, it’s gang violence and without police, it will be a third world hell.

This woman sees everything through a racial prism.


To prevent gun violence, she’s proposing a brand new $18 million Participatory Justice Fund “established with money redirected from the NYPD budget” for “communities identified by their rates of gun violence” to “support a democratic process” to identify and develop their own ideas for “transforming potential perpetrators into community investors and shareholders of public safety” by doing things like “partnering with on-the-ground leaders to negotiate shooting truce/ceasefires (and) coordinating existing city resources to provide job training and relocation.”

The Participatory Justice Fund ideology is straight from Black Lives Matter, the violent communist organization launched financially by George Soros. And Black Lives Matter is a regurgitated Black Panthers.

I spoke with one aging Black Panther a while back and it’s the kind of justice system (communist) he longed for. He said the police stopped coming into his neighborhood and the gangs helped run policing. The local drug dealer held a block party each year and did the barbecuing. The Panther held him up as one of the elite.

Criminals will still have guns. The gangs will still have guns. The only ones who won’t have guns are their victims. Arm up and buy Flak jackets if this woman wins.


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