NYC Offers Guaranteed Housing to People Coming Illegally


New York City’s right-to-shelter laws are temporarily paused, but it’s only temporary. The city’s right to shelter is the only city guaranteeing housing for the entire world.

The people have nowhere to go after spending everything to get to New York.

There are exceptions to the pause of the right of shelter. One exception is that if they have no place to go. In other words, everyone can stay.

The city provides free legal assistance for people who have a mental or physical disability.

New York City is signing deals for new shelters; one deal is for nine years. They are encouraging more to come.

Notice that they are mostly men.

Illegal aliens also don’t want to leave because it’s now an international city, and they can find people like them. Also, if they want to get asylum, New York is the place to be outside of California. They can reapply over and over, even if they failed in other states. They approve almost everyone in New York City.

New York is also a sanctuary city.

They won’t leave because staying is in their best interests.

People renting to them are getting rich, and greedy corporations will have cheap labor..


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