A Most Senior MS-13 Gang Leader Fled to Sanctuary California


The Biden/Democrat border is so wide open that an MS-13 leader on the run for four years made his way to the port of entry in California, figuring he could get in. Surprisingly, he was made and arrested on March 7th.

The Epoch Times reported that the high-ranking leader was arrested on narco-terrorism charges in San Diego.

Fredy Ivan Jandres-Parada, 48, also known as “Lucky De Park View, “ was arrested at the San Ysidro Port of Entry on March 7.

He is one of the most senior leaders of MS-13’s Ranfla Nacional leadership council, formerly known as the Twelve Apostles of the Devil, which controls thousands of MS-13 members worldwide, according to the FBI.

Lucky, not so lucky.

He’s a transnational criminal on the FBI’s Most Wanted list. A warrant was already out for him over his many crimes.

In an indictment filed on December 16, 2020, Lucky was charged alongside 13 other gang leaders with crimes related to terrorism. The indictment alleges that the MS13’s Ranfla directed “acts of violence including murder” in the United States, established “military-style training camps,“ and negotiated with Salvadoran government officials to “implement policies favorable to MS13.”

So, the first place he headed for was the sanctuary state of California. Makes sense.

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