NYC ‘peaceful protests’ call for “revolution” as the only answer


An agitator for the Black Hammer organization got a group of ‘protesters’ — young people — to call for revolution in New York City. You can google the group. It is one of many just like it organizing the ‘peaceful protests.’ Black Hammer is a revolutionary communist party, whose members hate America and white people.

Here is a sample of one of their articles:

On their site, they claim capitalism was built on colonization and is maintained through colonization and genocide.

After the organizers got the youths assembled, they had them repeat after him like robots. It’s a common tactic used in brainwashing. When I went undercover to Occupy Wall Street, communist professors from CUNY, with deep ties to Cuba, were training the youth to incite police and make it look as if they were injured by police. They had them repeat mindlessly after them as you see in the clips below.

“Repeat after me,” a man with a megaphone told the group as they held signs with phrases such as “Defund the Police” and “Black Lives Matter” written on them.

“I am on stolen land!” he shouted as they echoed him, adding, “Built by stolen people!”

Next, the activist instructed them to say “Revolution is the only solution! I am a revolutionary!”

This is a revolution, make no mistake, and Democrats and some Republicans are complicit. The ‘peaceful protesters’ are demanding the defunding of police so roving bands of Black Lives Matter can police the neighborhoods. It would look like Venezuela. Don’t trust the media and their constant mantra, “this is a peaceful protest.” It’s not peaceful for many. It’s a takeover.



This is another group and another organizer:

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