#STFUHillary is trending, this could unite us


$STFUHillary is trending on Twitter and this might be the one thing that could unite us. Most of us agree she should shut up although I would put it more delicately, STHU is fine. Many Democrats also dislike this woman. It’s a point of agreement.

She was interviewed by an LA Times reporter to allegedly discuss her new film series which appears to be a hate-Trump film series. Hillary is the one who paid for the fraudulent dossier used in the Russia-Trump hoax.

Hillary, who once called blacks “superpredators,” is thrilled with the protests/riots.

“If you look at the young people who are the primary movers of the peaceful protests in response to Mr. Floyd’s killing, I’m hopeful that this can break open not only some hearts but some structural impediments to equality and justice in a way that defies the distraction of the second-to-second demands of social media,” Clinton says.

“And it may well be that a leader like [Donald] Trump, who depends upon distraction, has finally been brought down to Earth because people are watching in real-time what is happening and how inadequate his response has been to these historic moments.”

Clinton was calling from her home in Chappaqua, N.Y.

She was allegedly discussing her ‘documentary,’ but she was only interested in insulting the President. She blames President Trump for the virus getting out of hand, claiming he ignored it. And she called the pressers the press demanded, ‘rallies.’

After the “terrible killing,” she said he was not empathetic. The ice queen is worried about other peoples’ empathy.


Thanks to leading questions, she was able to further the lie about the so-called brutal tear-gassing of “peaceful” protesters, allegedly done so the President could walk to St. John’s church.

There was no tear-gassing and no rubber bullets. The Attorney General moved the protesters one block back after they assaulted agents and burned up buildings. Having nearly completed the process, he found out the President was going to walk to St. John’s. As Attorney General Barr said, the president has the right to walk a block to a church.

AG Barr didn’t know about the President’s plans and the President didn’t know what AG Barr was doing. One did not cause the other.

Lying Hillary knows that.


She said George W. Bush told her during the screening, “That was some weird s.”

Those wars were some weird sh** too George.

The twice-failed presidential candidate added, “And every single day has been a surprise, an unpleasant surprise, about how there seems to be no bottom to this man and his presidency.”

Most of the weird sh** now is accelerated by the riots and constant 24/7 abuse of the President.

Hillary claims she wants “disinformation” stopped as she and her media lie their fool heads off.


The woman, who almost single-handedly ruined the Democrat Party, wants to ruin the country with mail-in voting and condemns Trump’s criticism. She really wants to open the vote [to fraud] so Democrats win both Houses and the presidency.

“Well, I am putting my energy into an organization that I have started called Onward Together, [supporting] vote by mail. The goal of the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee, which has been stated explicitly, is to stop vote by mail because they believe — and I think rightly — that the more people who vote, the less likely they are to win the White House again, to keep the Senate and also be able to dominate in state legislatures and statewide offices.”

“The brazenness of the lies about vote by mail are intended to do exactly what we’ve been discussing, to sow doubt and provide rationale for cooperating state and local officials to deny the whole panoply of rights that should go along with vote by mail.”

There is nothing more corrupt than mail-in voting and she knows it. And as for the ‘protesters,’ they’re just radical Democrats campaigning.


And, as for the protests, they’re ‘get out the vote’ riots for the Democrats. It’s their usual playbook. They did it in 2016.


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Bad Motor Scooter
Bad Motor Scooter
3 years ago

Be thankful that you are not that clueless. This woman couldn’t buy a clue with a briefcase full of Arkansas cash. Slick Willie doesn’t like her, their marriage is a fake one of political convenience.
As a matter of fact…no one likes Hillary!

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
3 years ago

An evil corrupt Marxist who will promote anything to turn this country into Utopian Socialism, using blacks as the wedge, their usual tactic.

Thomas Morgan
Thomas Morgan
3 years ago

This woman needs to indicted, arrested and jailed immediately for the multitude of crimes she has openly committed. She is ugly, evil and a liar. She lies every time she opens her mouth. It’s time for her to pay for her life of crimes and evil.