NYC prostitutes operate openly non-stop under Marxist law enforcement


Prostitutes are offering their bodies openly and regularly in New York City, especially in Brooklyn.

The New York Post this week described witnessing a “cycle” of prostitutes in Brooklyn “hopping into strangers’ cars, riding out of view for 10, sometimes 30 minutes, then getting dropped back off to do it all again.”

The trade “mostly carries on without interruption,” the Post reported, even when the occasional police car cruises through.

Officers don’t try to stop it. The reason for that is the pro-crime prosecutors won’t do anything about it.

This is what Marxists can do for your city too.

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11 months ago

Prostitution goes up when the economy goes down. I’m surprise the Ladies can find anyone with money in New York. I thought most people with money have already move down here to Florida. Hell, we can’t even get the snow birds to go back home.

We’ll soon see more STD then Covid soon.

Snake's Leather Jacket
Snake's Leather Jacket
11 months ago

Not for any fee, not for the saving of humanity.
Not during the age of rampant SSD rates.
Remember how magical it was with HS sweetheart and summer love?
Nothing magical about a cash for flesh transaction.