Rasmussen Reports: Americans don’t want to see protests at the Olympics


According to Rasmussen Reports, most Americans expect to watch much of the upcoming Tokyo Olympics competition, but the prospect of political protests by athletes makes many less likely to tune in.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey find that 52% of American adults say they’re at least somewhat likely to watch a large portion of the Summer Olympics coverage on television, including 20% who say it’s Very Likely they’ll watch the Olympics.

Twenty-three percent (23%) are Not Very Likely to watch a large portion of the Olympics, and 20% say it’s Not At All Likely they’ll tune in when the Tokyo games begin July 23.

The protesters are against the Olympic games and have protested for years.

Japan also has a huge surge of COV with only 2% of the people vaccinated.

We can’t wait to see how disrespectful the women’s soccer team and Gwen Berry the hammer thrower or the transgender BMX rider get. No athlete in the world shows the disrespect for their country that these women have.

Not for this Olympic or the next, but for the future, the US Olympic and Paralympics Committee have been self-appointed to redesign the US flag logo. Who they think they are, we do not know. It is all part of the teardown America and rebuild it as some Marxist nightmare.

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