NYC School Will Separate Students by Race to Discuss Social Justice


According to The New York Post, a New York City junior high will separate students by race in order to discuss social justice topics next week.

According to an email sent to parents, the Lower Manhattan Community Middle School will conduct the activity in order to “…undo the legacy of racism and oppression in this country that impacts our school community.”

Principal Shanna Douglas wrote in the email that children in grades seven and eight will opt into one of five “affinity groups.” Asians, whites, and multi-racial students will be in their own categories. African-American and Hispanic students will be combined into one group.

Douglas added that said she is emphasizing race this school year because “…students are talking about it since race has become a popular topic on social media, or parents are talking even more about it at home due to the recent incidents across the nation.”

She claimed that the school had failed to adequately address race issues before in the institution that is 44 percent Asian, 29 percent white, 15 percent Hispanic, and 8 percent black.

There will be another group for students who opt-out.

The opening question for discussion will be “Why are we even talking about racial identity?”

This is racist and divisive. Some parents are concerned that it will be divisive. Of course, it will be.

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Cymbal Crash
Cymbal Crash
2 years ago

Isn’t Apartheid bad?
Ohh…not when a CPUSA/CCP comrade does it because any means justifies the ends of White Genocide.

Enrico Falcone
Enrico Falcone
2 years ago

Segregation is a good thing and always has been
That’s the reason it was invented by most our kin

That’s the reason why races were separated from the start
Because our ancestors and creators were really smart

You go your own way and I’ll go mine
That’s always been the orginal design

2 years ago

Why are America’s Educators so racist? When you see everything as being a function of race, you are a racist. In the 1960’s growing up in New Orleans, racism wasn’t really as much race it was class warfare. It didn’t matter your color. If your English was of poor quality, you were a commoner, and your race had little to do with it. Yes, when we went to church there was the Black Side and the White Side, but there was also the Italian section, the German section, and the Irish section. On the Black side was Africans and Creoles. Asians sat in the back of the White section, while the Hispanics sat in the back of the Black Section. For the most part the divisions were economic. People segregated themselves, but didn’t let race get in the way of business even in segregated restaurants. In 1960’s New Orleans there were a lot of well off and rich Blacks, back then they pretty much ran the docks. Racism was always and issue, but wasn’t a big issue in many places until the mid 1970’s when the Race Baiters were everywhere telling Blacks they were victims. It’s interesting that the Race Baiters were for the most part “Reverends” and from areas that were doing really bad economically from the 1950’s through the 1980’s. When “everyone” is making money and living comfortably, race doesn’t seem to be as big of an issue. Why does the Academic World want to keep racism alive?