NYC to Let Illegals With Work Permits Vote in Municipal Elections


New York City lawmakers passed a bill on Thursday that will give non-citizens and illegal aliens the right to vote in municipal elections. This completely diminishes citizenship, but that is what Democrats want. With one swipe of the pen, these anti-American City Council members have taken away the rights of citizens.

Democrats also want open borders. They are wholly unAmerican.


The City Council circumvented state lawmakers to pass the bill, likely prompting a legal challenge.

Although the legislation was introduced for the first time two years ago, legal issues have prevented it from being passed. Laura Wood, the Chief Democracy Officer of the mayor’s offices, stated at September’s hearing that the bill could be in violation of the New York State Constitution. This states that all voters must be U.S citizens over 18 years old.

Republican opponents say the city council does not have the authority to grant voting rights to illegals.

The only thing standing in the way would be a veto by the communist NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, but he has already said he will not veto this measure. However, they voted 34 to 51 which is veto-proof.

The Washington Times reported: that 800,000 green card holders and anyone with work permits will be allowed to vote in municipal elections.

It’s also an invitation for them to vote in all elections. They can’t and won’t secure the vote.

Councilman Francisco Moya, whose family came from Ecuador, choked up as he spoke in support of the bill.

“This is for my beautiful mother who will be able to vote for her son,” said Moya, while joining the session by video with his immigrant mother at his side.

Eric Adams, the mayor-elect, testified at the September hearing for the bill’s approval.

“In a democracy, nothing is more fundamental than the right to vote and to say who represents you and your community in elected office,” Adams said. “Currently, almost one million New Yorkers are denied this foundational right.”

He has no regard for the constitution or the rights of citizens.

This is ridiculous. What country allows this.

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Rollins Power Sauce
Rollins Power Sauce
2 years ago

Just read about an organization called New American Leaders that grooms immigrants to run for government office, what happens when the citizenship of the former USA means nothing?

Post Law and Order
Post Law and Order
2 years ago

20% of the population is trying to indoctrinate the other 80% to believe that 2000 years of history, structure, cultural norms, and philosophy is suddenly wrong because they took a liberal arts course in college once and their neo-Marxist professor told them so.

Tweet by Lauren Boebert