NYC to Spend $600M on Illegal Aliens, Includes Lawyers


The City of New York will spend nearly $600 million on illegal aliens. It’s not a problem for New York because the federal government under Democrats always ends up bailing them out as they did with “COVID” funds that were often used for many other leftist agenda items.

The Housing Authority, pretending illegal aliens are asylum seekers, “will spend at least $596 million over the course of a year” to house them.

This is while New York City has a very serious homeless problem.

The City will also provide legal services so they can fight deportation, and we’ll give them free healthcare.

“We estimate that this per‐person/household could range from about $1,900 for an individual who does not enter the city’s shelter system and receives some health and basic legal services to nearly $93,000 for a family of four who enters a shelter for a year and has two children enrolled in the city’s public schools, along with receiving some health and basic legal services.

“This can be used to project total costs once there is a better understanding of the total number of asylum seekers expected to require services from the city. For example, the arrival of an additional 10,000 asylum seekers—assuming the current mix of households remains consistent—would increase costs by around $246 million.”

This is an outrage, and some of this financial burden of $600M will come from the federal taxpayer – maybe all of it. Socialist Democrats can’t spend enough money fast enough, especially on people who broke our laws in coming.

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