NYPD Continue to Flee the Pro-Criminal Democrat City


The exodus of police from the NYPD, New York’s Finest, has become a stampede according to the union president Patrick Lynch.

The mob found another way to defund the police through Mayor Adams and Soros DA Bragg. Their pro-crime, anti-police tactics are destroying one of the finest police departments in the country.

In June alone, 523 cops arranged to leave the force, with 123 of those officers resigning.

Of the total number of cops exiting, 400 are retiring, according to a police source.

To date, 2,119 cops have left the job in 2022, with 1,472 retiring and 647 resigning, a 38% spike over the previous record of 1,535 for the first six months of 2020, the attrition numbers show.

“The exodus has become a stampede. We’re not only losing experienced veterans. We’re also losing cops in the prime of their careers who are taking their talents elsewhere,” said Police Benevolent Association President Patrick Lynch.

“The NYPD cannot continue papering over this staffing crisis with more and more over time. That will drive even more cops to pursue other opportunities where they can make more money and have a better quality of life,” he added.

The hard left radicals and fools running New York City into the ground are pro-criminal and anti-police.

Now the Justice Department will pull one of their scams to completely transform the police department.


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Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
1 year ago

Quiet (and quickly hidden by msm, NY1, and fake conservative news site NYPOST) is the fact that when Eric Adams enjoyed and preened in his first few days as NYC mayor, the kkk associate Joe Biden swooped down fast with a “quick meeting” with newly mayor elected Adams. Biden’s “visit” was to utilize Adams as the dems party’s trojan horse, to even have him turn against his own people (think George Soros nazi collaborator), for the purposes of Adams’ urging, promoting, and prompting more high crime and vicious violence in that city. Biden and the mega non-intelligent democrat left have been trying in desperation to downplay the verified, confirmed, filmed, and archived fact that Joe Biden has been a longtime past and present “friend” and associate of the ku klux klan, a sinister race-hating group which has been employing less obvious means towards the extermination of blacks and ethnic populations around the world (think Zelensky’s (et al) race cleansers. Take note of the fact that NYC has becoming red-voting, which is why the kkk associate and consultant Joe Biden is introducing illegal alien-imports to drive out/annihilate all red-wave black-ethnic voters. When dems are done with the illegals, they’ll likely be killed and ground up as food. After all, with such a widespread inflation and massive food shortages, how is Biden going to feed them all and those Americans remaining in that city? soylent green, y’all. Add “To Serve Man” to that.

Last edited 1 year ago by Harrison Pendleton
Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
1 year ago

With law enforcement leaving NYC and it’s doubtful there are going to be enough replacements, what it’s going to come to is the real life version of the movie, “Escape From New York”, where Manhattan Island was walled off and turned into a penal colony where there were no guards and inmates ran wild. But the best thing is they would be shot if they were caught escaping. Hopefully the entire city administration will be among the inmates.