NYPD cop shot at home, sister’s MS-13 boyfriend had lived there


An off-duty NYPD cop narrowly escaped death Monday when she was grazed in the head by a bullet meant for her sister’s gangbanging boyfriend when gunmen unloaded 33 shots into the officer’s mother’s home in Brentwood, Long Island home, police sources said.

The 23-year-old Officer Nathaly Gomez could face disciplinary action for possibly violating a strict NYPD policy barring members of the force from associating with known criminals or active gang members, sources said.

She lives with her sister in the home, and the boyfriend may have lived there previously.

Why is an officer living in the house with an MS-13 gangbanger/

Investigators believe the shooters were targeting her sister’s suspected MS-13 member boyfriend, who may have previously lived at the address but has since moved out, sources said. The shooters have not been caught.

Gomez was eating inside her home when she was grazed in the head.

Her home was left riddled with bullet holes. At least one bullet shattered the glass on the front door, and another went through a front window. More bullets pierced the mailbox, siding, and brick on the front of the house. Another blew out the window of a white sedan in the driveway.

Gomez was rushed to South Shore Hospital, where she was treated and released. Nobody else was struck.

Does the NYPD do any background checks or is minority woman enough these days?

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