AOC protested once with radicals intimidating Sen Graham at his home


Right on cue, the radicals stormed Senator Graham’s DC home to demand he not vote for a replacement for RBG. The Sunrise Movement is a communist movement, green commies, although they would probably say they are Democratic Socialists. This is the group Alexandria O-Cortez protested with as soon as she became a representative.

These are the same ‘protesters’ who gathered outside Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s home in Kentucky in June, screaming, banging, and so on. They held up signs, No justice, no sleep,” “Look us in the eyes,” “Wake up, Mitch,” and, “Breonna couldn’t sleep, neither should Mitch.”

Also present at Senator Graham’s house was ShutDownDC. They’re the mob that harassed USPS Secretary DeJoy at his home. They too are climate crazies.

That is not protesting. It’s harassment and intimidation.

This is AOC protesting in congress for green commies back in 2018:

They advertised their upcoming intimidation ‘protest’:


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