NYPD Sent Into Hamilton Hall to Take the Hamas Contingent Away


Fifty-eight universities are now hosting encampments of radical pro-Hamas spoiled brats. Columbia was the first hit with a wave of radical youth. After putting up with them for nearly a week, they’ve had enough.

Police entered Hamilton Hall through a window. They had to use tear gas on the good-for-nothing Marxists.

The police declared a riot after it became very violent 

The brats ran for the hills when the police entered the building. So much for their revolution.

Here comes the NYPD!

Earlier in the day, a ridiculous Ph.D. student, Ms. Slutzky, demanded the university send in food so these privileged rich kids wouldn’t starve after they violently broke into Hamilton Hall.

She’s a useful idiot—an airhead Marxist.

Here she is in 2021:

Reader Greg added this below, and it’s a good compilation. We could use Ronnie now:

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