Hell Night at UCLA


Mayor Karen Bass walked back her admiration for Fidel Castro when she ran for mayor in 2020. She also downplayed her defunding of the police mantra. The university let this ‘protest’ get out of control. Leftists never learn. The police are keeping their distance and were likely told to stand down.

The fight is between old encampments and new arrivals. The police weren’t doing anything all night.

If weak university administrators stopped this on the first day, they wouldn’t have this now.

The two groups taunted each other all day yesterday. They are now committing extreme violence. The people in charge are late to the violence. Violent people are tearing down police barriers and hitting people over the head with them. We need a line of police here, not barriers that can be used as weapons.

Police are at a distance. Fox 11 is worried about the radicals in the encampment. It’s a fight between radicals and new radicals. Some are pro-Israel. However, it’s unclear who’s who, but they are all nasty and violent or have that potential.

Make no mistake, pro-Hamas youth started this.

At 5 am, a large contingent of LAPD and Officers in riot gear began to move in.

More dangerous weapons and unfathomable violence allowed to continue. Campus police are overwhelmed, and the LAPD is said to be monitoring.
Between the anti-police administration at UCLA and the Mayor, the police are held back.
Police set up a barrier at about 4 am, but the lunatics are taking it down.

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