NY’s Gubernatorial Debate Started Off with a Battle Over Evil, Sexist A/C


Cynthia Nixon is as off-the-charts in terms of rational thought as any Democrat. Her politics and her inability to have a cogent thought are remarkable.

She has completely bought into identity politics to the point of calling A/C “notoriously sexist”. Men like it cold, she insists, and keeping the debate hall too cold will be sexist on Andrew Cuomo’s part.

It actually hurts right now to stick up for Andrew Cuomo, but really, Cynthia, have you heard of jackets or sweaters? Every man isn’t a sexist and not all men like it cold. Some women even like it cold.

She’s starting off the scheduled debate between these two unlikable characters by demanding the A/C be kept at 76 degrees.

If the hall is crowded, they will all be sweltering under the hot lights.

Nixon and Cuomo will debate tonight. Pity all of us in New York. We can choose between the hack and the Communist here.

Do watch the debate today to get a real sense of how dangerous times are right now. These leftists plan to make all of you just like New York and California.

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