NY’s Lunatic DA Will Not Prosecute Serious Crime — Not Satire


As we have written before, DA Bragg will not prosecute serious crimes. He ran on that and 83% of the New Yorkers came out to vote for him. Some are upset but it’s too late.

As for Eric Adams the great crime fighter, he said back some months ago that he was completely aligned with Alvin Bragg.

So, goodbye New York. People can now commit armed robbery and call it a misdemeanor. They can deal drugs and run around with guns and it’s a MISDEMEANOR.

Since 98% of New York’s gun crimes are committed by Black or Hispanic people, it ends up being reparations of sorts.

O’Reilly did a brief rundown on his news show that was good and succinct. We thought you might like to hear it:

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1 year ago

These people reap what they sow. It won’t be long before the thugs are running the city. I’m guessing that clown, that calls himself a DA, was backed by the anti-American George Soros.