NY’s top law enforcement officer to go after police on behalf of subway cheats


New York’s top law enforcement officer Letitia James plans to go after law enforcement officers. Last Monday, James said she’s probing the NYPD’s fare-evasion policing for racial bias.

“If NYers have been targeted because of the color of their skin, we will not hesitate to take legal action,” she tweeted.

There is no evidence they are targeting certain groups of people. They are just arresting lawbreakers.

She’s launching an investigation to see if the NYPD is targeting black and Hispanic riders on the subways.

The problem is minorities are jumping turnstiles or going through the exit door. Perhaps she wants to order them to not arrest the lawbreakers if they are minorities.

In a letter to NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea, James requested fare evasion data and other information that would help determine whether officers have shown racial biases or engaged in discriminatory practices.


“We’ve all read the stories and seen the disturbing videos of men, women, and children being harassed, dragged away and arrested by officers in our city’s subway system, which is why we are launching an investigation into this deeply troublesome conduct,” James said in a statement. “If groups of New Yorkers have been unfairly targeted because of the color of their skin, my office will not hesitate to take legal action.”

It’s not about fairness at all. It’s about disparate impact. In other words, she only cares about the end result. It’s not about whether they committed the crimes, it’s whether there are more arrests of minorities.

“Current and former NYPD officers have recently alleged in sworn statements that through at least 2015, the department had targeted black and Hispanic people for fare evasion and other low-level violations in the subway system, according to James,” the NY Post reported.

“She noted more recent data showed that between October 2017 and June 2019, black and Hispanic New Yorkers received almost 70 percent of all civil summonses for fare evasion but accounted for about half of the city’s population,” the newspaper reported.

The New York Post reported: 

this tells you nothing unless you determine what percentage of fare-beaters they are: James should have determined that before announcing any wider investigation.

After all, 2018 crime stats show that minorities made up 93% of the suspects in murder cases, 81% in rapes, 92% in robberies and 80% in misdemeanors. Is James suggesting that cops are racists for making those arrests? Does she want officers to stop making them?

Also, she said, communities of color made up nearly 90% of arrests for fare evasion.

New York City officials have a soft spot for criminals, certainly not law enforcement.




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