Schumer’s infuriated & Trump appoints heavy hitters to help him


Senator Chuck Schumer, the Senate Minority Leader, who conspired with Speaker Pelosi to control the impeachment proceedings, is infuriated that he hasn’t gotten control of the impeachment proceedings.

He issued a fiery statement, which you can read below. Who cares? He gets infuriated about everything when he doesn’t get his way.

Meanwhile, according to The Hill, the White House announced Monday that President Trump appointed several prominent Republican House members to advise his impeachment defense team ahead of the Senate trial set to begin this week.

He selected GOP Reps. Jim Jordan (Ohio), John Ratcliffe Texas), Mike Johnson (La.), Mark Meadows (N.C.), Debbie Lesko (Ariz.), Lee Zeldin (N.Y.), Elise Stefanik (N.Y.) and Doug Collins.

What a team!


“Senator McConnell repeatedly promised Senators, the public and the press that his rules for the trial would be the same as the rules for President Clinton’s trial. After reading his resolution, it’s clear Sen. McConnell is hell-bent on making it much more difficult to get witnesses & documents and intent on rushing the trial through. On something as important as impeachment—Sen. McConnell’s resolution is nothing short of a national disgrace.

“Senator McConnell’s proposed rules depart dramatically from the Clinton precedent – in ways that are designed to prevent the Senate and the American people from learning the full truth about President Trump’s actions that warranted his impeachment. The McConnell rules don’t even allow the simple basic step of admitting the House record into evidence at the trial.

“Under this resolution, Senator McConnell is saying he doesn’t want to hear any of the existing evidence, and he doesn’t want to hear any new evidence. A trial with no evidence – no existing record, no witnesses, no documents – isn’t a trial at all. It’s a cover-up, and the American people will see it for exactly what it is.

“Furthermore, Senator McConnell’s resolution stipulates that key facts be delivered in the wee hours of the night simply because he doesn’t want the American people to hear them. Any senator that votes for the McConnell resolution will be voting to hide information and evidence from the American people.

“As soon as Senator McConnell offers this resolution, I will be offering amendments to address the many flaws in this deeply unfair proposal and to subpoena the witnesses and documents we have requested.”



  1. Schummer reminds me of the bully who just got knocked on his ass and is wailing foul. I hope McConnell sticks to his guns and bloodies the NY Shyster. Metaphorically speaking.

  2. demoncraps had your chances to subpoena those witnesses and you didn’t, because you were such in a hurry that you couldn’t wait for a judge to issue one…NO WITNESSES, get this f’ing thing done, WE THE PEOPLE are sick of it…they can investigate Biden after the trial

  3. Schumer is nothing but a noise maker and ambulance chaser. Mitch will win so easily, without fighting, and without supporting Trump. Mitch then easily wins reelection as a hero after spending 3 years watching as Trump was framed. Mitch’s actions are very self serving. He showed poor, negative leadership, not supporting the president of his own party, as he was being framed, now he exploits the situation by having a trial which he could have prevented in several ways and pretending to be for justice.

  4. The commies, Schumer, et al, would like to get the Senate to do the job the House commies refused to do.
    Why? Cuz they knew there was no there, there.
    Every “witness” they called before their supposed committees failed to support their allegations of wrongdoing by President Donald J. Trump, when cross examined by the Republicans committee members.
    See this for what it is. An extension of the temper tantrum following the ’16 election by the leftists.
    They have tried just about everything they can think of to get rid of Trump. This is just another phony ploy to bring down the duly elected POTUS.
    Also, remember that all charges are based on a fictional account of the Trump-Zelensky phone call as imagined by Schifforbrains. Which he read before the Congress as the truth. For that, he should be charged for lying to Congress and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
    Just sayin’.

  5. Schumer claims that this is going to be a trial with no evidence.??????????No evidence?????Then why in the hell was Trump impeached???

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