NYS Will Obliterate Requirements for 4,000 Jobs to Hire Migrants


New York State is considering a plan to lower hiring qualifications for 4,000 jobs to give jobs to illegal immigrants. They must show federal work permits. These permits are given out freely at the border, without vetting or restriction.

Bloomberg News reported that a memo from the New York Department of Civil Service, state agencies have found 4,000 vacant positions that could be filled by illegal immigrants, not poor Americans, the elderly, or veterans out of work.

According to the memo, most jobs are “hard-to-recruit, entry-level titles,” such as caring for people with mental and physical disabilities, building and ground maintenance, food service, automotive repair, and office aide.

Those are not hard-to-fill jobs. They are great jobs for the poor, students, and people in need of second jobs.

buffet female worker preparing and servicing food in the cafeteria

New York officials identified three restrictions they will remove.

“First, many migrants and asylum seekers are unable to verify their educational attainment such as high school completion or equivalent education, which is required for some of these positions,” they wrote. “Second, some have limited English proficiency. Lastly, even if they have successful experience performing the work to be done, it may be difficult for agencies to verify previous employment outside the United States.”

The Civil Service Department will override the restrictions by creating positions in “transitional” titles with requirements “more in line with the candidates’ qualifications.”

In other words, illegal aliens will be hired without English proficiency, proof of education, and previous employment.

No citizen or legal resident gets that deal for these relatively well-paying jobs with extensive benefits. Compared to the private sector, these are well-paid positions.

Take food service worker as an example. They get paid for dishing out food: $13 to $21 an hour or $36,000 to $46,000 a year. Ground maintenance is even better at $19 to $51 an hour or $46,000 to $64,000 a year.

Buzzword: Temporary

“Appointments to such positions would be temporary,” it added. “During that time, these individuals would obtain the required credentials for the ’target’ titles.”

The memo said, “The creation of these transitional titles is a win-win way for the State and its agencies to connect qualified and motivated individuals with meaningful jobs and opportunities, help solve the migrant crisis, and rebuild the State workforce. ”

They don’t do this for citizens.

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22 days ago

No snot slinging, dirty nails, std, diseased individuals gonna handle my food. I’ll be cooking at home now.
My vehicle will be serviced by qualified —— techs only.