NYT covered up massive lie about the ‘1619 Project’


The author of the ‘1619 Project,’ Nikole Hannah-Jones, who rewrote history with her fake news project, is now rewriting her original claims and lying about it. That’s not all. The New York Times covered it up.

H-Jones is now falsely claiming she never said 1619 marked the nation’s founding. Of course, she did. That was the basis for her claim that the U.S. wasn’t founded on freedom and equality, but rather slavery.

The New York Times changed the Project after publication and then covered it up. And they are all lying about it.

Becket Adams wrote at The Washington Examiner:

New York Times Magazine editors have quietly removed controversial language from the online version of Hannah-Jones’s 1619 Project, a package of essays that argue chattel slavery defines America’s founding. Hannah-Jones herself also asserts now that the project’s core thesis is not what she and everyone else involved originally said it was.

It “does not argue that 1619 is our true founding,” she said on Friday. She declared elsewhere in July that it “doesn’t argue, for obvious reasons, that 1619 is our true founding.”

That is an outrageous lie.

She continues to lie, but, then again, the entire project is a lie.

The online revisions were discovered this weekend at around the same time that Hannah-Jones claimed on CNN that her brainchild never suggested 1619 as the date of America’s true founding. The project, she said, “does not argue that 1776 was not the founding of the country, but what it does argue for is that we have largely treated slavery as an asterisk to the American story.”

This dystopian version of U.S. history is being forced into a number of schools.

Jones needs to stop lying and being taken seriously.


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