NYT Op-Ed : Toss the “Broken” Constitution & the Senate, Pack the Union with New States


New York Times Opinion writers want to toss the “broken” constitution and “reclaim America” not the Constitution. The piece was written by two authors, Harvard and Yale law graduates. Imagine learning that in law school at what are allegedly premier schools.

“But constitutions — especially the broken one we have now — inevitably orient us to the past and misdirect the present into a dispute over what people agreed on once upon a time, not on what the present and future demand for and from those who live now,” they write.

How many times have we heard from the Left that it’s an old piece of parchment. Didn’t Obama, the constitutional law scholar say something like that?

The authors complained about it being hard to change, and don’t see the beauty in that. Liberals want to change the laws with the weather. That’s why we see anarchy in this country now.

Sure, let’s throw it all out and let the criminals run wild everywhere. Keep the border open so Democrats can have their permanent electoral majority and rule over us with laws that change on a whim.

Throughout the article, these Ivy League PhDs want to tear it all down. What they describe is a totalitarian quagmire under the guise of real democracy. They want to pack the Union with new states – leftist territories – to water down the power of the legislature. And they want to make the Senate into a “council of revision” without powers to stop laws.

This is part of the new “progressive constitutionalism.”

These people are communists of sorts, only worse.

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