Donald Trump Responds in Court to the Raid at Mar-a-Lago – “Asserting My Rights”


President Trump’s legal team has asked a federal judge to appoint a “special master” to ensure the Justice Department returns any of his private documents seized during the search of Mar-a-Lago two weeks ago.

Trump is asking for a special master – a third-party attorney – to oversee the review of evidence gathered from the beach club in the criminal probe, and for the judge to pause federal investigators’ work related to the evidence until the review is done, according to a new court filing.

In the suit, Trump argues his constitutional rights were violated and that there may have been privileged materials seized.

Trump, in the new filing, also asks for a more detailed receipt of what was removed from Mar-a-Lago. That request, if granted, would add to the two receipts the FBI already provided to Trump’s team describing 33 items seized, and which his attorney signed off on at the end of the search.

The Justice Department removed 11 sets of classified documents [that were declassified] from Trump’s home, according to documents unsealed by a judge last week. The inventory shows that some of the materials recovered were marked as “top secret/SCI,” which is one of the highest levels of classification.

Donald Trump as president exercised his right to declassify the documents. The Russiagate hoax documents were in the boxes and they were likely marked SCI.


The DOJ Wants to Imprison Donald Trump With Another Hoax

The Justice Department, in court documents, said it believed the evidence it collected at Mar-a-Lago will support its criminal investigation into the mishandling of federal records, including national defense material. The investigation is also looking at potential obstruction of justice in the investigation.

The Justice Department has said it has concerns that further information becoming public or known by Trump’s team could prompt witness or document tampering. And, according to CNN and New York Times reports, a lawyer for Trump told investigators in writing that no classified records were left at Mar-a-Lago after June. The FBI said in an inventory list at the end of its search that there were additional classified documents retrieved.

The lawyers are correct. They were not classified. Donald Trump declassified them.

The former president has submitted his own requests and said the DOJ violated his civil rights.

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