NYT reporter on J6 media coverage: “These f*ing little dweebs…”


Pulitzer Prize Winning New York Times Reporter: January 6 Media Coverage ‘Overreaction,’ FBI Involved, Event Was Not Organized Despite Ongoing Narrative

  • NYT National Security Correspondent, Matthew Rosenberg, contradicts his own January 6 reporting: “There were a ton of FBI informants among the people who attacked the Capitol.”
  • Rosenberg: “It was like, me and two other colleagues who were there [January 6] outside and we were just having fun!”
  • Rosenberg: “I know I’m supposed to be traumatized, but like, all these colleagues who were in the [Capitol] building and are like ‘Oh my God it was so scary!’  I’m like, ‘f*ck off!’”
  • Rosenberg: “I’m like come on, it’s not the kind place I can tell someone to man up but I kind of want to be like, ‘dude come on, you were not in any danger.’”
  • Rosenberg: “These f*cking little dweebs who keep going on about their trauma. Shut the f*ck up. They’re f*cking b*tches.”
  • Rosenberg: “They [media] were making too big a deal. They were making this an organized thing that it wasn’t.”
  • Rosenberg RESPONDS: “Will I stand by those comments? Absolutely.”

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1 year ago

J6 was the Democrat Backup Plan for the 2020 Election Steal. They saw the possibility that Weak-kneed Pence might throw the Election to the House and had to stage an attach on the Government to get the possibility of declaring a Fraudulent Election off the Table.

Max Rocka
Max Rocka
1 year ago

Bwahaha! Sh1t on pearl clutching commie cretins.
RAT Commies get what they deserve when useful idiot status evaporates.
We’ll be Long Marching on the faces of the comrades.
FIB is in on the destruction of the republic just like the Criminals In Action.

1 year ago

J 6 was even MORE fraudulent than the election…if that is at all possible….anyway the Psych Ops which was “Covid” apparently has been ditched for a war that biden’s puppets want to turn into WW 111