Alarms Over the Iran Nuke Deal – a Dangerous National Security Threat


President Joe Biden’s impending agreement to restore the Iran nuclear deal is so dangerous and threatening to national security and the security of the region that a former State Department official is sending out a desperate call for help.

Gabriel Noronha, writing in Tablet magazine, says the deal is much worse than the Obama deal.

It offers the regime access to $90 billion in foreign currency reserves and sanctions relief to some of the world’s worst terrorists

“Multiple career officials view these capitulations as so detrimental to U.S. national security that they contacted me requesting that I rapidly share details of these concessions with Congress and the public in an effort to stop them,” Noronha writes.

He describes some of the concessions that Biden’s negotiator in Vienna, Rob Malley, has reportedly made.

The Biden administration has agreed “to lift sanctions on some of the regime’s worst terrorists and torturers, on leading officials who have developed Iran’s WMD infrastructure, and has agreed to lift sanctions on the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) itself.

In exchange, Iran will receive fewer limitations than those imposed under the JCPOA, and the restrictions on its nuclear program will expire six years sooner than under the terms of the old deal. And that’s just the beginning.

They will get $90 billion in access to foreign exchange reserves, and then a further $50-$55 billion in extra revenue each year from higher oil and petrochemical exports, with no restrictions on how or where the money can be spent.

There is a $7 billion ransom payment the United States will pay for the release of four Americans from an Iranian jail.

“Seven billion dollars would amount to around one-third of Iran’s annual terror and security budget, fueling even more violence around the world and against Iranians. At prices like these, more Americans are sure to land in Evin Prison.” the author states.

The degree of capitulation happening there is staggering, especially for those of us who worked in the technical trenches to impose these sanctions and monitor Iran’s nuclear program for years. That’s why nonpartisan career staffers are desperately asking for more oversight from Congress, even though Malley and the administration designed the negotiation process to take place without any congressional (and thus democratic representative) input,’ he says.

How is it possible that what is obviously a treaty is being allowed to go through without Senate oversight? Where’s the Senate?

This deal is much worse than the deal Obama agreed to and that was terrible. Read the article here.


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