NYU Prof thinks we could be human engineered out of our evil ways


Tucker played a clip last night of Matthew Liao, a professor of bioethics and philosophy at New York University, speaking at the “World Science Festival.” Liao said the answer to solving climate change could be “human engineering.”

Tucker said Liao wants to “fiddle with the human genome to see if we can make human children smaller than they are now. A race of dwarfs. They’d eat less, and be cheaper to transport. And that would reduce greenhouse gasses.”

Liano talked about engineering people out of liking red meat and even making them dwarfs so they don’t have as much of an effect on the climate.

For real! Mengle would be so proud.


MATTHEW LIAO: So it turns out the larger you are, think of the lifetime of greenhouse gas emissions that are required, the energy that’s required to transport larger people rather than smaller people right. But if we are smaller just by 15cm, I did the math that about mass reduction of 25%, which is huge. And 100 years ago we’re all on average smaller, exactly about 15 cm smaller. So think of the lifetime greenhouse gas emissions if we had smaller children. So that’s something we can do.

Imagine if we had smaller children. Little tiny children. Think of how little they would emit in greenhouse gasses. Think about how easy it would be to pick them up, juggle them around, control them. All we need to do is experiment on human children. And we can solve climate change. That was at a public conference five years ago. Nobody said anything. That’s where we are. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. In fact, it’s less ghoulish than some of the things happening in labs right now.

This is what science looks like when it’s been completely decoupled from wisdom, decency, and Christianity. It’s a science fiction novel come to life, except it’s real. In fact, Google might be funding it right now.

Liao said he’s getting a lot of fan mail! No doubt! He says he didn’t say he’d “force” people. No, he just suggested it. And we know how the government works.



  1. The glorious world of next Tuesday or give me the young and we’ll Red Guards/Hitler Youth our way right to utopia.
    The faculty lounge beings will be the programmers of this great enlightenment as they know best.

  2. Understand the FBI has ceome a unit of the CCP’s Secret Police charged with suppresing all dissent to the CCP coup that placed Comrade Puppet Biden and hi shorde of ChiCom Agents and fellow travellers in charge of the US government.

  3. This guy should take a look at Joseph Mengele’s notes. Afterall, his ideas are straight out of the Hitler play book.

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