O-Cortez Is Furious Paul Manafort Didn’t Get Life


Amazon Ocasio-Cortez has very unpleasant words for Judge Ellis who ‘only’ gave the 69-year-old Paul Manafort 47 months in prison for his fraud conviction.

Get the gulags ready, When she and her Mao friends are in power, we will get life for tax evasion. And our taxes will go up to 70 percent when she gets done with stealing money from the rich.

Four years could be a life sentence for someone Manafort’s age. It is not a light sentence. Mueller wanted 19 to 24 years and she likely prefers that.

She wrote: Paul Manafort getting such little jail time for such serious crimes lays out for the world how it’s almost impossible for rich people to go to jail for the same amount of time as someone who is lower income. In our current broken system, “justice” isn’t blind. It’s bought.

She thinks four years in the pen for a near-70 year old is bought? He obviously didn’t shell out enough cash. By whom?

She just makes up stuff.

Hopefully, her judge will be kinder than her if she is called to account for her campaign finance scams.

Manafort still has another hearing and the judge appears to hate him. He might get that life sentence she hopes to see.

Judge T.S. Ellis called the 19-24 year range “excessive,” and said Manafort “has lived an otherwise blameless life.”

“Let me be clear: the guidelines would suggest sentencing is a calculation. It is not. It is a judgment,” Ellis said.

Ellis then went through cases he thought were similar to Manafort’s in which defendants received little to no time in prison. “It is important to avoid unwarranted disparities,” he said.

“Reasonable people may disagree,” Ellis said of the sentence. Manafort will also receive nine months of time already served.

Judge Ellis wasn’t paid off. He was fair.

Rather than become informed before she shoots off her mouth, she says idiotic things to fit her commie agenda. Before she wrote that, did she even give a thought to how this judge would have been paid off without everyone knowing?

This lie is supposed to prove class inequality, and that is all Bolshevik Betty cares about proving. Lies work well for her.

  • I’ll bet this idiot twit has no idea what the charges against Manafort were, only that he once worked for President Trump’s campaign so he must be vile and never again see the light of day.

  • This from someone that transferred almost a million in PAC money to a LLC that she controls, and who is possibly facing jail time of up to four years. Yes, let’s make this fair. If he goes to jail for life, so should you.

  • The title of this post on Doug Ross was;Ocommunist-Cortez Is Furious Paul Manafort Didn’t Get Life: Glad to see these people, their party and states called what they really are communists. I now refer to blues states as blue communist country of Ca for example.