O-Cortez Rails Against Max Boot for Comparing Her to Sarah Palin


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) on Tuesday ripped Max Boot for comparing her to former GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, and calling her “vacuous.” He didn’t actually call her vacuous; he was referring to “her fatal attraction to political celebrity and vacuous soundbites.”

Boot is a nasty show off, a “conservative” who roots for leftists, and who is himself more attracted to his ability to demean people with lofty language than to convey facts.


He got the never-silent [vacuous?] Socialist O-Cortez all riled up again, but, then again, everything gets Cortez flailing on Twitter.

“Naturally, the same week we kick-start a nat’l convo on marginal tax rates endorsed by Nobel-Prize winning economists, I’m being described as ‘vacuous,’” wrote the freshman congresswoman on Twitter.

“If you’re allowed to characterize female politicians as ‘unlikeable,’ are we allowed to describe takes like these ‘resentful?’” she asked.

Boot was actually nastier in relaying his elitist views of what he sees as the lower class conservative. She should be grateful he saved some of his most acrimonious invectives for them.

Boot called OMao-Cortez, “telegenic, down-to-earth, and quick-witted,” which is all true. Then he referred to her as a social-media black belt, but she is more like an obnoxious, defensive, almost paranoid, troll. She does, however, have a huge following of admirers who see her as a star.

Boot bashed many of those insulting her and gave her sound advice about checking her facts!


She did NOT like being compared with Sarah Palin and said we should cover policies instead of personality. That’s true, but her policies are awful.

“Let’s refocus our energy and coverage to policies instead of personality,” Ocasio-Cortez said in a subsequent tweet.

Who do you root for between these two? The arrogant Boot or the self-centered commie Cortez?

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