OANN interview with former President Donald Trump – no commentary


Former President Donald Trump interviewed with Channel Rion of One American News Network. It was a wide-ranging interview, and it’s very hard to find anywhere.

The interview covered Big Tech and the censorship of everyone who disagrees with them. Mr. Trump said, “we won’t have much of a country left if we don’t do something about it.”

The Democrats were against Big Tech but now they embraced them, he said regretfully, adding, Democrats won’t negotiate, discuss anything…”

The election came up, unsurprisingly. He mentioned the drop boxes. [They are a joke]

President Trump addressed the corporations who are all in unison on the Marxist propaganda.

We were able to upload the interview — no commentary. It has been removed from the Internet and OANN’s was taken down.



  1. Making it hard to find works out for DJT but I could do without commentary.
    Cunning republicans sounds like a punk band name.
    Thanks for the effort Mr. Trump and it was appreciated.
    Not one of those he was going to reset everything save an already destroyed system people.
    I am happy with the four years of time he bought us and used it wisely.

  2. I wasn’t about to watch it with such a lightweight commentator. It’s been on OAN quite a few times.

    He Did make some news. The current website isn’t what will be eventually. The issue is having a site that can handle tens of millions of users.

    I’m not impressed with Gab one little bit.

    • It’s not great. As for the Trump site, the media keeps lying and claiming the Desk is it. Jason miller said a while back that wasn’t it.

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