OANN investigates Dominion Voting Systems


One America News investigated Dominion Voting Systems, and they claim the software switches votes. The investigative reporter reviewed the Antrim County, Michigan error of 6,000 votes. At first, Americans were told it was a software error, then they were told it was a human error.

OANN decided to look into Dominion as a result.

One expert said he could alter vote counts using Dominion in a myriad number of ways. He describes all the many, many things that can go wrong, and have. He does a great job of showing the weaknesses of the system that Americans were told did not exist.


Bottom line, Trump supporters know that mail-in balloting and ballot harvesting is filled with fraud, and they don’t trust these machines. We don’t trust the electoral system.



  1. PBS did a report one week BEFORE the elction and concluded the voting machines were not safe, not reliable…PBS is NOT pro trump, and they did that BEFORE the election…also in 2019 MSNBC also reported those machines were not reliable…any media saying those machines are reeliable now that Trump is losing are LYING.

  2. No, Republicans will not heed the concerns of the electorate. After the Gingrich era the Party, for some reason, lost all drive to fight the opposition in elections. The public was so fed up it caused the rise of the Tea Party, and the demise of the Cantor amnesty wing. For a brief moment in time that fear of loss created a pause in typical party politics. Those same Republicans were in shock when an outsider, not “schooled” in political science theories, rose to the top. The many now found a “Republican” who was a fighter, to the very end. This didn’t sit well with the status quo Party. They now see a “path to victory” and, hence, are willing to have a Biden term, or even a Harris one. I doubt there is even much concern how far left that Administration will turn. There were very few outspoken Republicans during Obama. In general, the majority allowed his policies to flourish. On the flip-side, the public saw how willing so many were in “continuing” the Russia hoax. The Congressional Republicans, in large numbers, were in full support of Mueller and fully participated in it, and even cheered it on.

    Does Anyone expect the Party to be any different Now? If Trump doesn’t eventually win this election, and decides to run again, there will be massive efforts to prevent that run. Their “path to victory” requires it. Trump will have to mirror the last run and point to both parties as being corrupt and **against the people”, Because they ARE.

  3. The President trolls the White House Press Corps again. He comes out only to highlight the record stock market, and,,, Leaves. If Biden doesn’t answer any question Why should Trump.

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