Oath Keepers Convicted! One Was an Informant, the FBI Did Nothing


Stewart Rhodes and Kelly Meggs are the first people in the history of the United States convicted of seditious conspiracy using a Civil War law. The two men will get up to 20 years in prison. They were convicted of trying to overthrow the U.S. government without weapons, mostly based on texts and videos, said Julie Kelly, editor of American Greatness. An informant was embedded with the group for months before the riot/rally. The FBI knew what was going to happen and did nothing.

Kelly Meggs, Stewart Rhodes

Through recordings and encrypted messages, jurors heard how Rhodes rallied his followers to fight to keep Trump in office, warned of a possible “bloody” civil war, and expressed regret that the Oath Keepers didn’t bring rifles to the Capitol on Jan. 6, The Washington Times reported.

Rhodes’ family also didn’t seem to like him, though it’s not clear why that matters.

Under the definition of “seditious conspiracy,” prosecutors allege Rhodes and his co-defendants conspired to halt the “lawful transfer of presidential power by force,” including the Electoral College certification and the inauguration, which was 14 days away.

They might have helped delay the certification by hours. For that, they will get two decades of imprisonment.

Stewart Rhodes never went inside the U.S. Capitol. He never instructed anyone to go inside the U.S. Capitol. And he was unarmed, as were all of his associates that day. The Oath Keepers were in D.C. to offer security for the several rallies planned on January 5th and 6th.

The FBI knew what was going to happen!

An FBI informant knew what they were discussing for “months” leading up to Jan 6, but the FBI never intervened to stop Rhodes from carrying out the existentially-threatening “seditious conspiracy” he’s now been convicted of.


Jonathan Moseley represented Kelly Meggs until he lost his law license. He said that a photograph shows the two Oath Keepers helping an officer, protecting him from the mob. Moseley said the DOJ won’t release it.

“This document—together with a photograph of the moment inside the U.S. Capitol on January 6—proves that the prosecution is lying to the jury,” Moseley said in the statement (pdf). “No one who engages in seditious conspiracy or insurrection stops to come to the aid of the police against the mob.

“If the Oath Keepers were involved in any way in any insurrection or conspiracy to obstruct the Joint Session of Congress on January 6, would they turn and stand between the U.S. Capitol Police against the mob?” Moseley asked. “This is not merely a good act. This is absolute proof that there never was any insurrection or seditious conspiracy. The prosecution’s entire case is a fraud upon the American people.”

It’s impossible for anyone who is not a leftist to get a fair trial in D.C. Democrats needed a conviction of seditious conspiracy to back up their narrative. Now they have two.

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1 year ago

Let’s get this correct. Rhodes was a FBI Asset being used to manipulate the Oath-Keeper Organization. Now he is a Patsy being thrown under the bus so the FBI can give the appearance that he wasn’t an FBI Asset being used to create a make believe terrorist organization.

There is no fair trial in Washington D.C. The Terrorist are the FBI and DoJ.

1 year ago

These fraudulent convictions serve but one purpose: scare the rest of the populace into understanding, without the shadow of a doubt, that should anyone so much as look cross-eyed at law enforcement, it’s all over. YOU WILL OBEY.