Michigan sends out absentee ballots to every voter on the rolls, Trump says it’s illegal – Update


Update at the end

Michigan, under commandant Gretchen Whitmer, just sent absentee ballots out to 7.7 million people. President Trump said in a tweet that it was done illegally. He retweeted to the U.S. Treasury, his Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, and Russ Voight, the Acting Director of the Office of Management and Budget.

Stopping funding might not work.

Of course, Democrats are encouraging voter fraud. Of that, there is no doubt. They hope to steal this election because they don’t have a candidate. The leftists have a senile liar as a candidate.

I don’t know if he can stop the mailing of over 7 million absentee ballots, but he sure does need to have voter rolls secured.

Perhaps he can reform this immediately. He has power.

Didn’t they do something like this not so long ago in Ukraine, a nation known for corruption???


The Secretary of State responded and said she sent applications and the GOP in four states did the same thing (due to floods). Just the same, Democrats do insist on mail-in voting and any path towards doing that is a danger to our electoral system. The President should still reform how this is down and quickly. Let this be a warning.

The President also tweeted to Nevada.

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3 years ago

Capital City sent them out weeks ago. The CPUSA mayor won with 70% and just calls out scoreboard if anyone questions his eminence and the skyrocketing crime plus crumbling infrastructure.
Ads by comrade kommissar feature newly minted replacements and others who vote for a living because he knows who keeps the gravy train rolling.