Obama Signs “Irreversible” Deal to Share Sweeping Security Intel with Cuba


Barack Obama and Raul Castro during first presidential visit to the island in more than 60 years.The Obama administration signed a law enforcement pact with Cuba in these waning days of his administration. The deal is alleged to be “irreversible” and requires the US to share expansive intel with Cuba for nothing in return. What might be irreversible is his agreement to allow Cuba to harbor the murderers, spies, terrorists and other fugitives, the U.S. has been trying to get back, including Joanne Chesimard.

They Made It Irreversible

The US State Department signed a new agreement with Cuba on Monday to deepen US ties to the communist terrorist regime that is our sworn enemy.

The deal does not include a return of U.S. fugitives that Cuba has harbored, including Chesimard, also known as Assata Shakur. Convicted of murder for the shooting death of New Jersey state trooper Werner Foerster in 1973, she escaped prison in 1979 and received asylum from Cuba. The omission of fugitives from the agreement was first reported by USA Today.

The agreement outlines US-Cuban cooperation on sweeping criminal and security-related issues to include terrorism, narcotics, cyber-security, immigration, money laundering, smuggling and human trafficking.

I would like to interject something here – is Obama out of his GD mind?

Obama has authorized the release of national security information to a communist regime tied to drug cartels and human traffickers; that controls the passport and security systems  of Venezuela; has a secret Iranian installation of some kind on the island; and that  might allow Russia to open a base on the island.

The agreement gets the US nothing in exchange, no US fugitives hiding out in Cuba, nothing.

Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser and chief fake news disseminator Ben Rhodes declared: “I think what we were trying to do is to create as much momentum for the policy so as to make it irreversible, to enlist as many stakeholders as we could in the policy so as to make it irreversible”

The suddenly anti-Russian president Barack Obama isn’t at all concerned about the Russian base to be built on the island. It’s not part of the deal.

Vladimir Putin and Raul Castro embrace at the Kremlin in May 2015.
Vladimir Putin and Raul Castro embrace at the Kremlin in May 2015.

He Ordered U.S. DNI Clapper to Share Intel with Cuba in 2016

In October of last year, the Obama administration directed the U.S. Director of National Intelligence to assist and cooperate with Cuba’s intelligence services.

It didn’t go over well with Republicans.

“The Castro regime has shown no inclination to end its anti-American activities, including espionage,” Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart (R., Fla.) told the Free Beacon. “The Castro regime in August and September 2016 deepened ties with Iran through high level visits, and there are reports that Iran-backed terrorist group Hezbollah has established a base in Cuba.”

“The director of national intelligence, General James R. Clapper, testified in February 2016 that the Castro dictatorship remained an espionage threat at the level of Iran, behind only China and Russia,” Diaz-Balart added. “Under these circumstances, President Obama’s directive to encourage intelligence sharing with the Castro regime is reckless, dangerous, and contrary to U.S. national security interests.”

It wasn’t only Rep. Diaz-Balart who condemned the move.

“President Obama’s instruction to DNI Clapper to look for ways to cooperate with Cuba on intelligence issues poses an unconscionable threat to the security of the American people,” Victoria Coates, national security adviser for Sen. Ted Cruz (R., Texas), told the Free Beacon.

Senator Coates talked about the dangerous Russian connection.

“The administration tried to bury it under enthusiasm for easing restrictions on the rum and cigars American tourists can buy from Fidel and Raul Castro, but the reality is the Castros are aggressively pursuing a closer relationship with Iran, the mullahs just refinanced Cuba’s debt with the assets they got from the president’s nuclear deal, and Cuba’s close ally, Venezuelan strongman Nicolas Maduro, visited Iran this week,” Senator Coates said. “Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin is re-establishing Russian intelligence assets in Cuba 90 miles from the United States.”

“What possible confidence can we have that anything we share with the Castros won’t immediately be telegraphed to Tehran and Moscow? This simply makes no sense,” Coates added.

I would like to interject again. Obama’s insane or a traitor.


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