Obama is behind NBA’s BLM/social justice propaganda movement


Prior to the latest announcement by the NBA to further their Marxist propaganda, Lebron James, NBPA president Chris Paul, and a small group of players met with Barack Obama to seek advice. According to NBA senior writer, Shams Charania, the former president offered them guidance to go back to work but with a plan of action.

Obama told them to play but utilize the opportunity to conceptualize the actions they want in order to play.

Obama is a Marxist and he won’t stop pushing his suffocating ideology, even in entertainment. The article claims Lebron is the leader and Obama is just advising at his request, but we suspect otherwise.

They discussed forming a committee to plan how they can infuse BLM social justice into the minds of everyone who watches the games. The NBA and NBPA are demanding BLM commercials when they play, among other things.

The adviser:

We reported earlier that the NBA and NBPA are going all in for this Marxist propaganda. Now we know the revolutionary Barack Obama is behind it.

They plan to indoctrinate us in Marxism 24/7:

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