Obama now says Rush and Fox cut off his connection to conservatives


Barack Obama now says Rush Limbaugh and Fox News cut off his connections with conservatives. Uh, no, it was your communist policies, Barack. We never liked you.

Obama went into his bizarre views during the Pen Awards gala.

He was participating in the gala to accept the PEN America Voice of Influence Award for the “the power of his soaring words, the promises he has unlocked in our nation, and the enduring American values that he has embodied.”

Get the barf bag.


“I ended up getting enormous support in these pretty conservative, rural, largely white communities when I was a senator, and that success was repeated when I ran for president in the first race in Iowa,” Obama said during a virtual gala for the nonprofit organization PEN America, Tuesday night.

“By my second year in office, I’m not sure if I could make that same connection, because now those same people are filtering me through Fox News and Rush Limbaugh and an entire right-wing or conservative media infrastructure that was characterizing me in a way that suggested I looked down on those folks or had nothing in common with them.”

Obama continued: “Part of what changed is that, back then, if I went into a small town in southern Illinois, I could probably visit the local editor of the newspaper, who might be a conservative guy with a bow tie and a crew cut, probably doesn’t have much use for Democrats, generally, but was somebody who adhered to journalistic norms, was curious, was interested, believed in facts. I could sit down with that guy, and he might write an editorial saying, he’s a young liberal kid from Chicago, but seems sensible, had some good ideas. And so, that’s how people were receiving me — with a different set of assumptions than they would today. It’s yet one more example of how the connections that I may see because I experienced them in my own life, may get harder to make if we’re only understanding people through our phones and our screens, and we’re not having the face-to-face conversations where, by virtue of that conversation and experience, we can recognize ourselves in each other.”

The former hard-left president wants to brainwash without interference.



He wants us all immediately and completely silenced. Obama wants us all to think about what we can do about silencing people who don’t have his facts.

Also, someone needs to tell this guy that the USA is not a ‘democracy,’ it’s a Republic.

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