Obama’s Ugly Grand Library Meets with Strong Vocal Resistance


Former president Obama is finalizing plans for his Obama Presidential Center, which will be built in Chicago, Illinois a few paces from the University of Chicago. The design includes a museum, library and forum. There will be no books or documents! It does, however, have a workout room.

A letter recently sent by over 100 members of the U of C faculty and dozens of other community groups shows they hate it. It wastes millions of dollars in a near-bankrupt city, destroys a public park and turns the land over to a wealthy developer – it’s “socially regressive” – it’s more gentrification.

The plans call for taking over two large city blocks with no room for new development, cafes, restaurants, bringing in another cultural center, nothing. The only jobs created it appears will be Obama Center staff.

It takes over a large section of an historic public park and gives it to a private entity for development. The monument is also not in line with the vision of the man who designed the park, Frederick law Olmsted.

When plans were first revealed last year, Obama said this monument would be “transformational” for Chicago. It certainly is.

The monument to Obama is very large and looks like an ugly version of a Pharoah’s monument to himself. Here’s the rendering:

Here’s another photo – it’s quite ugly grand:

It matches Obama’s ego.

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