Officer in Blake shooting identified, new details revealed


One Kenosha officer fired all seven shots into Jacob Blake’s back this past weekend. His name is Rusten Sheskey. He is a seven-year veteran of the police department.

Blake, 29, was seriously wounded on Sunday afternoon while resisting arrest. He is expected to survive but is currently paralyzed from the waist down.

He might have had a knife on him at the time of the attempted arrest that he was ordered to drop and definitely had a knife under the floorboards of his car.

Mr. Blake was shot as he reached into his car.

There had been a tussle on the passenger side of the car, where he was tased before he walked around to the driver’s side and reached into the car. He was near the knife at the time.

The police went to the address after a woman called allegedly saying Blake was violating a court order to stay away and stole her keys.

Blake has a warrant out for his arrest and a rap sheet. Charges and /or complaints include sexual assault, domestic abuse, firearms charges. The police knew this at the time of the arrest.

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