Officer Tatum has the answer to police brutality


Officer Tatum has the answer to police brutality — stop resisting arrest. He asks, What good is police reform if you resist arrest? He also said people should stop committing crimes.

Former Officer Tatum talked about the stats of black crime, saying there is no bogeyman. He also explained why the police department is not systemically racist and addressed critical race theory.

This is a very well-done clip, as is the Chris Rock clip posted after this.

Here is a more comic version:

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1 year ago

Criminals resist arrest because they don’t want to go back to jail. Many will risk death before going back to jail. This places cops in today’s world in a no win situation. When I was kid, cops could use effective, generally non lethal force. The could beat you senseless with a night stick.

Officer Tatum is dead on right, but Black People and rich White Kids will label an enlightened Black Man as Uncle Tom. Black society is doing it to themselves and it begins from Liberal Militant Teachers in the schools. There was a time in some very good Black Schools that speaking in anything but King’s English would get you expelled, but not today. White people who don’t play the White Game, tend to be dirt poor too. You earn privilege, and that normally requires an education and hard work. Where do you find the most well adjusted Black People in America? The rural South; and it’s because of a strong religious upbringing. I have a number of Black friends and they all have a rural upbringing, are mostly Baptist, were at the top of their class in school, got a trade in the military, used their GI bill to expand that education and worked their butts off. Some have more money than I do. Am I envious – No! They worked harder than me for it and so deserve it. That is part of the difference also. People who worked hard for what they have admire people who worked even harder. Some people like to enjoy life along the way more than others. That’s part of what freedom is about, but freedom comes with the requirement of being responsible. America is one of the few countries in the world where you can be born dirt poor and die a Millionaire, or you can be born into a very wealthy family and die dirt poor. In America race is only a barrier if you allow it to be. Even the Irish are now excepted in America today.

Selections Have Consequences
Selections Have Consequences
1 year ago

Law and Order is a construct of the capitalist pig white imperialist patriarchy.
Some more of that Western Civilization horseshit that humanity is waiting to be liberated from.

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