Requests surge for NYC gun permits but they’re deep-sixed


New York City is dangerous thanks to Democrats, and, despite that, the City is not approving gun permits so residents can defend themselves.

On Wednesday, there were five shootings and on Thursday, there were six and one was of a child.

Times Square erupted in violence as Palestine-Hamas supporters attacked Jews peacefully rallying.

The Big Apple’s staggering surge in shootings amid the COVID-19 pandemic has led nearly 9,000 terrified New Yorkers to apply for gun permits. However, the NYPD has signed off on fewer than 1,100, The Post has learned.

The 8,088 applications for first-time pistol and rifle permits submitted since March 22 — when coronavirus-related restrictions went into effect — represent a threefold-plus increase over the 2,562 submitted between March 22 and Dec. 31, 2019, NYPD statistics obtained by The Post this week show.

But only 1,087 applications were approved, far less than the 1,778 granted during the same period last year, according to the official data, according to the Post.

Shootings are up 98% in New York City and murders are up 39%.

“They just stopped doing the investigations and the processing,” said a city gun dealer who spoke on condition of anonymity, the NY Post reported.

As lax Democrat policies are implemented, the police are defunded and their qualified immunity is taken from them, and as gangs propagate thanks to drugs and open borders, New York City will keep becoming more and more of a hellhole. And they won’t let citizens defend themselves.

We have no right to self-defense here in New York.

Every time I turn on the radio, someone is slashed in the subway or thrown on the tracks. People are getting robbed and Jews are being assaulted if they wear a yarmulke. Asians are abused by black people in New York City.

That’s where we are today.

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11 months ago

Remember the Movie “Escape from New York”. It’s now reality!

Kulak Beet Field Collective Remix
Kulak Beet Field Collective Remix
11 months ago

Guns are a construct of the white male imperialist patriarchy.
The New Man utopia will feature equality of results for all and no human nature.
There will be no anger, envy, jealousy, rage, tribal or ethnic hatreds and the rainbow stew czar will make sure that everyone is happy with the UBI/EBT rations.
A decrease in rations for all deplorables and no second amendment for you!