Steelworkers union begs Biden to keep tariffs – the dummies endorsed him


Elections have consequences

One must wonder if the steelworkers have buyer’s remorse or why they even voted for Joe Biden in the first place. He indirectly made it clear that he’d do away with the tariffs and that means a lot of steelworkers will get laid off and China will get jobs.

If people are this stupid, maybe they shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

“The tariffs have been a success, allowing our industry to restart idled mills, rehire laid-off workers and invest in the future,” the union stated.

So, why did they endorse Joe Biden?

After all that DJT did to preserve their industry, the steelworkers union trolled him with their logo on the Trump building. It was his central theme — America First. With Biden — it’s everyplace but America first.

Biden said ‘buy American’ a few times and they believed him? Even though he has never supported US manufacturing in his career? Trump, on the other hand, was actually bringing back manufacturing. The joke’s on them, isn’t it?




  1. Maybe they can build some of the solar panels not being made in China? The suit wearing union “leaders” will still be living large, hopping on planes, and enjoying big expense accounts.

  2. Too stupid for America first?
    Enjoy America last.
    Keep those union dues coming, comrades.

  3. Unions no longer represent their workers and haven’t since the 1940s. After WWII Unions were taken over by big business and just became a way for business to control employee cost.

  4. Ooops. That supporting the leftist ticket sure isn’t working out well for the steelworkers. Then there’s the workers in the energy industry, who the left is trying to shut down as quickly as possible.
    How many decades has the left(dems/rinos, etc.) been willing to screw the less than elite workers in their search for ultimate power? And, yet the union members continue to allow the fat cats running the unions to tell them how to vote. Amazing.

  5. These union sycophants who vote the way their leaders instruct them deserve what they get. These useless democrats have made false promises to the union and the black community for 50 yrs. and have received nothing except a few bones once in a while. It got to the point where the unions priced themselves out of work.

  6. The thing that old, evil criminal does is throw out these slogans like, “Buy American…Keep American Jobs!” but he and the fascist left do NOTHING about it whereas President Trump (he’s still our President) DID do something about it. This is an absolute fraud foisted upon America, people!!! I get mad as hell and I know all Conservatives do, too…..WHEN is the breaking point???…And which way is the military going to go???

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