Officer who made the Lebron joke video denounced by his department


This is quite distressing. The Idaho Police Department — IDAHO where it is still America — denounced Officer Silvester’s joke video. This is where he works and is now suspended. They are calling this nothing case an “extreme controversy.”

What is wrong with these people? It’s a no-never-mind and they want to cancel the officer.

The matter is being handled internally, they say.

Officer Silvester made a mocking video of Lebron, you know, the king, after he demonized the Ohio officer who shot a black teen attempting to kill another black teen. Instead of waiting for the information, Lebron shot off his mouth, stirring up trouble for the officer. Officer Silvester responded with the video below.

The only extreme controversy is the poor young girl about to be knifed to death.

Officer Silvester’s GoGundMe is over $325,000 as of 9 pm this evening, EST. He wants to give the bulk of the money to friends and family of officers in the same position [victims of the cancel culture.]

This is the video that has them all upset. What snowflakes they are.

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