Officer who shot man in LA described as a ‘White Hispanic Race Soldier’


Some race-baiting blue checks on Twitter are calling a Los Angeles Police Department officer a white Hispanic even though he’s a brown Hispanic man. The officer shot a black man and it won’t suit the narrative if the officer who shot him isn’t white. The black man, who was armed, was in a fight with two officers, including this brown-white one.

Tariq is literally color blind. He thinks this officer is a white Hispanic.

Crazy Tariq didn’t back down.

Is a white Hispanic someone who they don’t like? Tariq says you’re white if you use white tactics. In case you didn’t notice, Tariq is a racist.

This next troll is a racist Reconquista who explains that you’re white if you adopt the culture that colonized the lands to the south.

The next photo is of a brown-skinned man who identifies as Hispanic like his mom and he was the first white Hispanic. He killed Trayvon Martin in self-defense. The media also calls him a police officer although he never was. George Zimmerman was the self-appointed neighborhood watch commandant.

The LA shooting has taken place in one of the deadliest neighborhoods in Los Angeles. ‘Protest’ organizers have warned protesters not to riot, loot, or destroy property because local gangs won’t tolerate it.

That’s nice.

The twitter loons are calling the LAPD, the Trump militia? Huh! People are posting videos of the shooting but editing out the part where the now-deceased criminal pulls a gun on the officers.

By the way, the victim’ name is Dijon Kizzee. CBS immediately took the side of Mr. Kizzee.

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