NYC’s de Blasio has a no plan plan for re-opening restaurants, delays school opening


All the far-left New York teachers’ union had to do was threaten to strike and the city acquiesced, delaying the in-person school reopening. Communist Mayor Bill de Blasio made the decision.

If teachers did strike, the union leaders would end up in jail and the fine would be prohibitive — Taylor Law.

So far, the delay is only a week. The UFT claims they need a week to prepare for virus safeguards. They’ve had all summer, and, actually, they had since the spring.

The city also has a hybrid model for the year with some students on full-time online learning and others online part-time. It’s a disaster for education.

De Blasio is also making bad decisions for restaurants.

New Jersey is opening all restaurants for inside dining this week, with severe restrictions, but they’re opening, which will put pressure on de Blasio to do the same.

He won’t let any open and he is literally bankrupting the city.

De Blasio has NO PLAN for the re-opening of restaurants — ever. Watch the brief clip of de Blasio killing the restaurant business:

De Blasio is doing well by the moving van business though. New Yorkers are getting out of Dodge. They’re moving out East, going to red and purple states like Florida. They will ruin those also.

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