Oh No, Poor Joe! Omicron Afflicted Aren’t Even Ending Up in the Hospital!


The BBC spoke with the first doctor to discover the new coronavirus variant, which The WHO named Omicron, skipping the letter Xi to avoid embarrassing China’s Xi.

South African Dr. Angelique Coetzee is the first person to spot it but finds the coverage of it frustrating and distorted.

“So, I’m not sure why we are all up in arms?” Dr. Coetzee told the BBC. “We know there are a lot of mutations,” adding,” We need more time is needed before we know the seriousness of the disease for vulnerable people.” She added.

“We haven’t admitted anyone. I spoke to other colleagues of mine– and it’s the same picture.”

The BBC host asked if she believes the US, Britain, and Israel are panicking unnecessarily? She answered, “Yes.”

We reported that but it’s even worse coverage by the media than we thought.

Joe and his comrades will be so disappointed. The racist, xenophobic nativist already canceled flights from South Africa and 7 other nations, as we reported.

It seems unusual and quite contagious but so far, it’s nothing to get upset about. If it does get worse, who will believe the hysterical politicians and media? The hysteria is mostly politically agenda driven.

Watch Dr. Coetzee tell the BBC’s Andrew Marr how patients in South Africa have told her they’ve been feeling (it’s a nothing burger so far):

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2 years ago

After a year and half, idiots still think a bad Flu is as bad as the Black Death. People who believe everything “Government” tells them really are clueless. I guess the reason the Media went crazy over President Trump’s “inject bleach” Joke is because there are people stupid enough to do that. Even today people are waiting in line for a “Failed Vaccine” and really do believe it will protect them. I knew there were a lot of crazy people in the world; after all they voted for Traitor Joe. I thought it was case of they didn’t pay attention, but now I realized half the country is just mindless BOTS controlled by a “smart” phone.

2 years ago

I do not care.