O’Keefe releases a tape of feds ‘intimidating’ USPS worker alleging ballot tampering


A USPS employee named Richard Hopkins signed a sworn affidavit alleging ballot tampering and fraud. In the affidavit, the postal worker alleged that postal supervisory officials hatched a plan to backdate ballots mailed after the election.

Lindsey Graham received a copy of the affidavit and called for an investigation into the matter.

The Oversight Committee Democrats said Hopkins was interviewed by investigators Friday and Monday recanted the allegations without saying why he signed a false affidavit. There is no word if Hopkins will face perjury charges.

Mr. Hopkins later said the feds intimidated him into watering down the story, but he did not recant.

Hopkins has been placed on UNPAID LEAVE by USPS for blowing the whistle on the backdating of ballots. Project Veritas has confirmed Federal inspectors from the Office of Inspector General are investigating multiple post offices in Pennsylvania.

In a recording of an interview with the feds, they appeared to be intimidating Mr. Hopkins. Perhaps it’s a tactic to make sure he’s legit? Mr. O’Keefe of Project Veritas will release the full, raw video, as soon as they are finished transcribing it. That should be more informative. We will post it as soon as it’s available.

Mr. Hopkins said The Washington Post put out fake news and he wants them to recant the story.

The media is still reporting the recant story to discredit Mr. Hopkins.



  1. The RussiaRussia and Flynn situations taught us one thing – DO NOT TALK TO FBI WITHOUT YOUR ATTORNEY AND A RECORDING

  2. Well, there it is. Additional substantiation the “Feral Bassturd Intimadators” is another rogue gov “agency/org” deserving of nothing less than DISSOLUTION!

  3. Dear All; I was an investigator assigned to Federal District Court for very serious drug and capital murder cases many years ago. I was in a room with my witness in a case who was just an innocent bystander. A DEA agent came in the room alone, and not knowing I was with the legal team, proceeded to begin a conversation with the witness, a middle aged businessman with a stellar background. He started bullying, threatening and telling him how his life could be destroyed if he did not recant his affidavit and deposition. He also told him to misremember things. I left the room and went straight to the Federal Judge to report the interaction. The DEA agent was suspended on site and investigated for corruption. I spent five years on cases like that watching the FBI, DEA, ATF and others commit similar offenses. They want numbers and they want to control everything. DO not believe them.

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