Report Fox bans White House, campaign, & legal teams during daytime


A Fox News source, the second source, told One America News that “Everything except Tucker, Hannity, and Laura is cratering. Daytime’s been told not to have any guests on from the campaign, legal teams, or the White House.

WOW! They are banning the White House? We know why. Fox heir James Murdoch’s wife is tweeting how thrilled she is that Trump was defeated. She’s a British leftist. Then there is that Paul Ryan who sits on their board.

The leftists destroy everything they touch, literally, everything.



    • They have become a leftist bastion, using their power and influence to herd society into a communist, big brother system, expecting to profit from selling out their unsuspecting followers.
      Is there still time to escape from the trap they’ve set, or is the web of lies so extensive there’s no escape?

  1. Who watches the Fox and other media? Noone I know of. We ssaw and heard and understand they represent the anti American forces and their mouths are full of lies. We turned them off andtuend them out.

  2. It has been coming for a while. So many of us are discappointed with these aussies. Even Ingram was cutting short the comments she sought…because they did’nt fit her viewpoint. Trust is a beautiful thing and when lost cannot be regained. On to OANN and others!!

  3. On the Fox News Tombstone:

    Here lie the remains of Fox News, once a bastion of fairness and balance in the midst of a Fake News Media.

    Killed by liberalism, lies and hatred of the rights of the American people.


  4. To bad, but they have been leaning that way for years. It’s pretty obvious on some and not as prevalent on others. I’ve turned to News Max and OAN. Maybe they’ll wise up when their ratings start to fall.

  5. I have ended my subscriptions to FOX news. Period. End of sentence. Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity are on Parler. See you there!

  6. FOX, thanks to the Murdoch bros and that wretched leftist wife of one of them, will fade into distant memory. Paul Ryan will join in that journey. I hope this bankrupts all of their investors and the family Murdoch. Newsmax is soaring in viewership and they don’t mince words and call a spade a spade. How refreshing is that?!

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